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Why do I need to hire someone to clean our parking lots?

There are various reasons for this.  Here are a couple:

  • Positive Impression: Give your customers the right impression of you as a company.  If you put effort into keeping your parking lots clean and free of debris, your customers will believe that you will put the same effort into what you are doing for them.
  • Lawsuit Avoidance: By keeping your parking lots clean there is less likelihood your customers will have damaged vehicles, tires or trip over large debris opening you up for a lawsuit that you don’t want.
  • Discourage Littering: If someone enters a parking lot that is clean and free of debris they are going to be less likely to throw trash onto the ground.
  • Eliminate Air Pollutants: By removing excess dirt and dust from your parking lot you will also be removing it from the air that your customer’s intake.
  • Contaminant Removal: When you clean your parking lot on a continuous basis, you are removing the pollutants from storm runoff that can eventually enter the drinking water.

When do you schedule to clean a parking lot?

  • The best time for Mid-Wisconsin Supervac to clean your lots is when the traffic volume is at its least. This will us to do the best possible job for your company.

How do you handle special events?

  • When you contact Mid-Wisconsin Supervac, we will coordinate with you to make sure your parking lot is cleaned up upon the events completion so when you look back on your event, you will see nothing but success.

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